History of Printing/Publishing & Bibliography

Published Books (Monograph)

Negotiating Shakespeare’s Language in ‘Romeo and Juliet’: Approaches to Reading from Criticism, Editing and the Stage (Ashgate Publishers, 2009), pp. 242. With Peter Lichtenfels.

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare. A new scholarly edition. (Peter Lichtenfels, co-editor). (Ashgate Publishers, 2009), pp. 693, and romeoandjulietedition.com.

The Letters of Dorothy Moore 1640-1660: The Friendships, Marriage and Intellectual Life of a Seventeenth-Century Woman ed, with introductory essay, pp.1-42 (Ashgate, 2004), pp. 214.

Literary Value and Cultural Power (Manchester University Press, 2001), pp. 216.

Outsider Notes: Feminist Approaches to Canadian Publishing, Writers and Readers, 1960-1990 (Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1996), pp. 312.
Nominated for Governor General’s Award; several reprints of chapters in books of criticism.

Humanism, Capitalism and Rhetoric in Early Modern England: The Separation of the Citizen from the Self (ARC Medieval Press, 2022).

Co-authored Books

The Victorian Periodicals Hypertext (Oxford: CTI Centre for Texts, 1994), pp. 94. With Margaret Beetham et al.

The Bibliography of Nineteenth Century British Cookery Books and Related Domestic Manuals Published in Britain, 1800-1914,Vol. I (London: Prospect Books, 1987), pp. 438. With Dena Attar.

The Bibliography of Nineteenth Century Cookery Books and Related Domestic Manuals Published in Britain,1800-1914, Vol. II (London: Prospect Books, 1989), pp. 738. With Elizabeth Driver.

Edited Books

Reconstructing the Book: Literary Texts in Transmission, eds. L. Hunter with M. Bell et al. (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2001), pp. 231.


‘Can a Man be a Woman? Robert Kroetsch’s The Puppeteer’
1994: Universite de Strasbourg (France), Conference in Honour of Robert Kroetsch.
1995: University of Calgary (Canada), Calgary University Art Gallery; University of Western Ontario, London (Canada), Graduate Studies; University of Leeds (UK), Faculty Research.
1996:University of Toronto (Canada), Faculty Research; University of Huddersfield (UK), Graduate Studies.
1997: University of Leeds (UK), Theatre Workshop Graduate Studies.
2001: Warsaw University (Poland).

‘Trying not to be a Tragic Subject: Work by First Nations Writer Lee Maracle’
1995: Universite de Rennes II (France), Conference Autobiographie/Autobiography
1996: University of Nottingham (UK), Conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies (Literature).

‘Cooking the Books: Reading Canadian Women’s Writing’
1996: Oviedo Universidad (Spain), Conference of the European Association for Commonwealth Studies; Calgary University (Canada), Visiting Professor; Trent University, Temagami (Canada), The Idea of North Conference; University of Leeds (UK). Theatre Worshop Graduate Studies.
1997: Beilingries (Germany), Conference of the German Association for Canadian Studies.
2001: Warsaw University (Poland).

‘Bodies in Trouble’
1997: University of Leeds (UK), Conference Women and Texts/ Les Femmes et les Textes.

‘Face-Work: Coming to the End of the Line. A Study in the Poetry of Frank Davey.
1999: University of Leeds (UK), Revisions of Canadian Literature Conference.
2000: University of Leeds (UK), Theatre Workshop Graduate Studies.

‘The Face, the Mask and Classical Tragedy in the Household: The Rhetoric of Masking in Recent Work by Alice Munro.
2003: Université d’Orléans (France) Alice Munro: L’Écriture du Secret; University of Birmingham (UK) American and Canadian Studies special lecture.
2005: University of California Davis, Arts and Humanities faculty presentation.

‘Roget Falls in Love: How Analytical Thought Stops you Thinking (Crossing Margaret Atwood with bpNichol)’
2007: University of Birmingham (UK), Beyond the Book conference.


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The Nineteenth Century Project, Chadwyck Healey and the British Library, (1988-1999).

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Related Experience

1980-1981: Established the press Delires, first publications being Clinical Notes by John Wilkinson and Comeuppance by Geoffrey Ward. Cover illustration by Canadian artist Adrian Emberley.

1981: Organised a poetry conference at Liverpool University featuring Eric Mottram, John Wilkinson and Barry MacSweeney.

1983: With the press Delires, published The Cenozoic Asylum by Christopher Dewdney, and co-published Berlin Return by John James.

1985: Published for the Institute of Bibliography, University of Leeds, Re-visions of Canadian Literature, ed. Dr. S. Chew.

1986: On editorial board of Nineteenth Century Project, Chadwyck-Healey and the British Library.

1986: On editorial board of the McGill Allegory Project.

1987: With the press Delires, co-published Proud Flesh by John Wilkinson.

1989: Contributed a section on computers and book history to a display organised at the Royal Society ‘The British Library: a temple and a warehouse of knowledge’.