Published Books (Monograph)

Politics of Practice: A Rhetoric of Performativity (London and New York: Palgrave, 2019), pp. 278.

Disunified Aesthetics: Situated Textuality, Performativity, Collaboration (Montréal: McGill Queen’s University Press, 2014), pp. 314.

Literary Value and Cultural Power (Manchester University Press, 2001), pp. 216.

Outsider Notes: Feminist Approaches to Canadian Publishing, Writers and Readers, 1960-1990 (Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1996), pp. 312.
Nominated for Governor General’s Award; several reprints of chapters in books of criticism.

Edited Books and Journal Issues

Co-Presence with the Camera eds Lynette Hunter, Alex Lichtenfels, Heather Nolan, John Zibell, special issue on Practice as Research in Filmmaking, with Performance Matters  6:1 (June 2020).

Affective Ecologies: Performativity and Sociosituated Embodiment/Ecologías afectivas: Performatividad y Corporalizaciones sociosituadas, eds Alvaro Hernandez, Lynette Hunter, Juan Cajigas Rotundo. Full issue for Colombian journal Corpo-graphia Volume 6 (October 2018).

Sentient Performativities of Embodiment: Thinking alongside the Human eds Lynette Hunter, Elizabeth Krimmer, Peter Lichtenfels, Lexington University Press (2016) pp. 342

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Narrative Strategies in Canadian Literature, ed. L. Hunter with C. A. Howells, (Milton Keynes, Open University Press, 1991), pp. 143.

Digitised Publications

Lynette Hunter Performance 1995-2010 published at for McGill-Queen’s Press (2014)

Nineteenth Century Books on British Colonization, edited by L. Hunter for The Nineteenth Century Project at the British Library (1997)


‘Can a Man be a Woman? Robert Kroetsch’s The Puppeteer’
1994: Universite de Strasbourg (France), Conference in Honour of Robert Kroetsch.
1995: University of Calgary (Canada), Calgary University Art Gallery; University of Western Ontario, London (Canada), Graduate Studies; University of Leeds (UK), Faculty Research.
1996:University of Toronto (Canada), Faculty Research; University of Huddersfield (UK), Graduate Studies.
1997: University of Leeds (UK), Theatre Workshop Graduate Studies.
2001: Warsaw University (Poland).

‘Trying not to be a Tragic Subject: Work by First Nations Writer Lee Maracle’
1995: Universite de Rennes II (France), Conference Autobiographie/Autobiography
1996: University of Nottingham (UK), Conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies (Literature).

‘Cooking the Books: Reading Canadian Women’s Writing’
1996: Oviedo Universidad (Spain), Conference of the European Association for Commonwealth Studies; Calgary University (Canada), Visiting Professor; Trent University, Temagami (Canada), The Idea of North Conference; University of Leeds (UK). Theatre Worshop Graduate Studies.
1997: Beilingries (Germany), Conference of the German Association for Canadian Studies.
2001: Warsaw University (Poland).

‘Bodies in Trouble’
1997: University of Leeds (UK), Conference Women and Texts/ Les Femmes et les Textes.

‘Face-Work: Coming to the End of the Line. A Study in the Poetry of Frank Davey.
1999: University of Leeds (UK), Revisions of Canadian Literature Conference.
2000: University of Leeds (UK), Theatre Workshop Graduate Studies.

‘The Face, the Mask and Classical Tragedy in the Household: The Rhetoric of Masking in Recent Work by Alice Munro.
2003: Université d’Orléans (France) Alice Munro: L’Écriture du Secret; University of Birmingham (UK) American and Canadian Studies special lecture.
2005: University of California Davis, Arts and Humanities faculty presentation.

‘Roget Falls in Love: How Analytical Thought Stops you Thinking (Crossing Margaret Atwood with bpNichol)’
2007: University of Birmingham (UK), Beyond the Book conference.


“Vert [vers] incalculable de la nuit”: Vers une éthique de la traduction de la poétique du vertigineux’, with Elizabeth Constable, in eds Roseanna Dufault and Janine Ricouart, L’importance de la poésie de Nicole Brossard dans le mouvement féministe international (Montréal: Les Editions du Rémue-menage, 2014), 177-200.

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Women and Texts: International Research Conference organised, with University of Calgary (Canada) and the Université de Rennes II, (1996-1997).

Postgraduate Exchange: Universities of Calgary and Leeds, Department of English, (1996-1996).

Weihai LiShi Quan Fa, research project with College of Chinese Physical Culture and Chinese Wushu Association, (2003-2008).

Major Invitations: Externally Funded Keynotes and Plenaries

2007: ‘Case by Case Arts Policy in Canada’, plenary to TransCanada2, University of Guelph.

2006: ‘Food and Community in Pannituuq, Nunavut’, to the Ontario Society for the History of Food, Toronto.

2005: ‘What is an Honest Man, and Can there be an Honest Woman?’, plenary to the conference Poetics and Public Culture in Canada, University of Western Ontario.

2003: ‘Recipes for the Particular: Publishing history in Canada’, opening plenary lecture for the British Association for Canadian Studies annual conference, Leeds.

2001: ‘Shakespeare, Rhetoric and Politics’, panel session with Professors Katie Wales and Peter Mack at the London Globe Theatre, London season ‘Shakespeare, Gresham and the City’.

2001: ‘Difference as Equality: Storytelling in/of Nunavut, keynote to the London Conference on Canadian Studies, University of London.

2000: ‘Mothers of the Royal Society’, keynote to the Metaphysics into Modern Science conference, Cinncinnati University.

2000: ‘Legitimising Differentiated Public Voices’, keynote to the International Conference on Ethics and Gender, University of Leeds.

1998: ‘Theatre and the Editing of Shakespeare’, plenary with Peter Lichtenfels to the Universities of California Biennial Conference on Shakespeare Studies, Davis, California.

1998: ‘Anecdotal Evidence as Scientific Knowledge’, plenary to the Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ottawa, Canada.

1997: ‘Feminist Thoughts on Rhetoric’, invited lecture to the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, Saskatoon, Canada.

1997: ‘The Relation of Voices from Non-Ruling Ideology to Globalisation’, plenary to the German Association for Canadian Studies, Beilingries.

1996: Exchange Fellowship, University of Leeds/Universities of Alberta, lecturing at the University of Calgary on ‘Cooking the Books: Alternative Critical Approaches to New Writings by Women’, ‘A Critique of the Rhetorical Stance of Contemporary Western Aesthetics’, Calgary University, Canada.

1996: Invited as the Dalhousie University Visiting Professor in Women’s Studies, lecturing on ‘Reading Canadian Women’s Writing’, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.

1994: ‘Can a Man be a Feminist: Robert Kroetsch’s The Puppeteer’, to the Strasbourg conference on Canadian Literature, Strasbourg.

1993: ‘Freud, Lacan and Feminism: Working on Reading’, invited lecture to the Critical Theory Seminar, University of Birmingham.

1992: ‘The Poetics of Daphne Marlatt, Erin Mouré and Gail Scott’, keynote to the Commonwealth Institute Women Writers Conference.

1991: ‘Poetry and Prose by Marlene Philip and Claire Harris’, keynote to the Commonwealth Institute Women Writers Conference.

1985: ‘Publishing History and Canadian Women’s Writing since 1945’, keynote to the Centre for Canadian Studies in Italy, Rome.

Organization of Major Conferences

1988: ‘Narrative Structures and Strategies in Canadian Literature’, University of Leeds.

1992: ‘Difference and Community: Canada and Europe 1992’, University of Leeds.

1993: ‘Aboriginal Peoples of Canada: Materials for Teaching and Research’, University of Leeds.

1993 – 1994: Co-organised the International Conference ‘Moving Words, Moving Worlds: Commonwealth and Post-Colonial Literatures 30 Years Forwards’, University of Leeds.

1994: ‘Aboriginal/Native Studies Curricula’ within the British Association for Canadian Studies conference, York.

1999: ‘Translating Words: Translating Practices’, Gresham College, London.

1999: ‘Sensing the Poem: Writers and Critics Exploring Contemporary Poetry’, Gresham College, London.

2000: ‘Women and Community’, University of Leeds, with the Canadian High Commission.

Papers Delivered at Conferences

1976: ‘Form and Energy in the Poetry of Michael Ondaatje’, to the Annual Conference of the British Association of Canadian Studies.

1985: (keynote) ‘Canadian Women Writers in the 1960’s’, to Canadian Studies Centre, Rome, and also at Rome University.

1986: ‘Fantasy and Allegory in Modern Canadian Writing’, to the Conference of the Literature Group, BACS, Lucas Institute, Birmingham.

1986: ‘McLuhan’s Cliche to Archetype, or There’s Nothing New Under the Sun’, to the Conference of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, British Section, University of Leeds.

1986: ‘Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing’, to the University of Dundee Seminar on Commonwealth Literature.

1989: (invited lecture) ‘Writing, Literature and Ideology: The Institution and the Making of Canadian Identity’ to the conference on Canadian Culture at Kiel University, Germany.

1990: ‘Canadian Black Women Writers’ to the Conference of the European Association for the Study of Commonwealth Literature, Lecce, Italy.

1991: ‘Critical Embarrassment with the Bios of Writing’, to a Conference on Autobiography at the University of York.

1992: ‘Alternative Publishing in Canada’, to the Joint British and German Canadian Studies Association Biennial Meeting, University of Leeds.

1993: ‘Nation State Ideology in Canadian Literary Culture: Generic and Linguistic Strategies for New Common Ground’ to the British Association of Canadian Studies, Cambridge.

1993: ‘Ideology and the Ethos of the Nation State’, to the Canadian Society for the History of Rhetoric, Ottawa.

1994: ‘De-scribing performance in bp Nichol’s Selected Organs’, to the ‘Moving Words/Moving Worlds’ conference, Leeds.

1995: ‘Can a Man be a Feminist?’, performance piece, University of Calgary Art Gallery.

1995: ‘Representations of Gender: Ideology, Discourse and Desire’, Brock University, St. Catherine’s.

1995: ‘Standpoint Theory and Recent Autobiographical Writing’, conference on Autobiography, Rennes.

1995: ‘Stability and Regulation in the Ethos of the Nation State’, International Society for the History of Rhetoric, Edinburgh.

1995: ‘Can a Man be a Feminist’, Performance piece, University of Western Ontario.

1996: (University of Calgary Fellowship Lecture) ‘A Domestic Critique of Western Metaphysics’, Calgary University, Canada.

1996: ‘Women’s Studies: Writing and Reading’, Acadia University, Wolfville, Canada.

1996: ‘Can a Man be a feminist’, University of Toronto.

1996: ‘Standpoint critiques of aesthetics’, Manchester Metropolitan University.

1996: ‘Reading texts from the cultures’, EACLAS conference, Oviedo.

1996: ‘Cooking the Books’, Trent University, Canada.

1996: ‘Trying Not to Be a Tragic Subject’, University of Nottingham.

1997: ‘Figures and Tropes: the Border Between Grammar and Rhetoric’, discussion chaired by J.J. Murphy, Henry Sweet Society Colloquium, University of Luton.

1998: ‘Paradox in Romeo and Juliet’, Cambridge University.

1998: ‘Feminism, Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence’, conference on Gender and Technology, Gender Studies Centre, University of Leeds.

1998: ‘The Problem with the Feminist Studies of Science and its Gesture to the Arts’, History of Philosophy Seminar, University of Leeds.

1999: ‘Recognising the end of the Line: Gender, Masculinity and Class in the Poetry of Frank Davey’, to Re-Generations Conference , University of Leeds.

2001: ‘Storytelling in/of Nunavut’, to ‘Storytelling in the Americas’, Brock University.

2002: ‘Difference as Equality’, to University of Manitoba, Native Studies Department.

2005: ‘The Address to the Reader in Sixteenth-Century Letters’, International Society for the History of Rhetoric, University of Southern California.

2005: ‘Artistic Activity and the Development of Audience: Voicing Political Presence in the New Democracies’, paper to the Arts Policy Committee at the Canadian Metropolis Conference: Cultural Production, Artists and the State: Intercultural Transfer, Confl.

2005: ‘Situated Knowledge and Deliberative Democratic strategies: the Buddhist Poetry of Dapne Marlatt’, American Society for Canadian Studies, Saint Louis Missouri.

2005: ‘Contemporary First Nations culture’, Panel Chair response paper, American Society for Canadian Studies, St Louis Missouri.

2009: February: ‘“Together Today for our Children Tomorrow”: Speaking in Tongues in the Yukon First Nations Settlement Claim 1973’, to ‘Canadian Studies on the Edge’ conference of the Western Canadian Studies Conference.

Related Experience

1982: Co-organised the preliminary meetings that resulted in the formation of the Canadian Studies in Wales group.

1984-1986: Editor of Canadian Academic Newsheet, published by the Canadian High Commission, London.

1985: Organised poetry readings by Robert Kroetsch at the Glasgow Third Eye Centre and the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

1985: Published for the Institute of Bibliography, University of Leeds, Re-visions of Canadian Literature, ed. Dr. S. Chew.

1986: Co-organised the 1986 conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies.

1986: Co-organised the Leeds Food History Symposium on ‘Banquetting Stuffe’, University of Leeds.

1986: Toured Canadian writer Katharine Govier throughout Britain and arranged for her fellowship at the University of Leeds.

1986: Co-organised the Literature Group (BACS) conference on ‘Narrative Approaches’, Lucas Institute, Birmingham.

1987: Organised visit of Canadian writer Alice Munro.

1990: Organised reading by three Canadian writers, Bonnie Burnard, Lorna Crozier and Edna Alford.

1990: Organised reading by Canadian poets, Ayanna Black and Dore Michelut from their poetry ‘Linked Alive’.

1991: Co-organised the visit of Carol Shields to read at the University of Leeds.

1991: Co-organised the visit of Joan Clark to read at the Borderblur Conference on Poetry and Poetics at the University of Leeds.

1993: Co-organised the visit of Robert Kroetsch to read at the University of Leeds.

1995: Organised exchange for Professor Janice Williamson, to visit Leeds and contribute to the work on Canadian Literature and on creative writing.

1996: Organised Ravenscroft Lecture at University of Leeds with writers Daphne Marlatt and Nicole Brossard.

1998: Organised visiting poet Erin Moure to give a creative writing workshop and to read, October.

1999: Organised visiting poet/critic Roy Miki, Simon Fraser University, to speak on ‘Representations of Race, and Asian Literature in Canada’, April.

2001: Organised and participated in plenary session on ‘Rhetorical Figures in Science’ to discuss the work of Jeanne Fahnestock, for the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, Warsaw.

2001: Organised visit of Canadian writers Hiromi Goto and Ashok Mathur, to the University of Leeds.

2005: Organised the visit of Peter Kulchyski, advocate for First Nations, to UCDavis.