Published Books (Monograph)

Humanism, Capitalism and Rhetoric in Early Modern England: The Separation of the Citizen from the Self (ARC Medieval Press, 2022).

Entre Ensayos y performatividad: Los estudios del performance y la Política de la práctica. Traducción: Maria del Carmen Palau, Álvaro Hernández, Francisco Ramos, María Teresa García, Sonia Castillo Ballen. (Facultad de Artes -ASAB, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, 2021). Translation and Reprints of six essays on performantivity, practice and politics.

Politics of Practice: A Rhetoric of Performativity, pp. 278 (London and New York: Palgrave, 2019).

Disunified Aesthetics: Situated Textuality, Performativity, Collaboration (Montréal: McGill Queen’s University Press, 2014), pp. 314.

Negotiating Shakespeare’s Language in ‘Romeo and Juliet’: Approaches to Reading from Criticism, Editing and the Stage (Ashgate Publishers, 2009), pp. 242. With Peter Lichtenfels.

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare. A new scholarly edition. (Peter Lichtenfels, co-editor). (Ashgate Publishers, 2009), pp. 693, and

The Letters of Dorothy Moore 1640-1660: The Friendships, Marriage and Intellectual Life of a Seventeenth-Century Woman ed, with introductory essay, pp.1-42 (Ashgate, 2004), pp. 214.

Literary Value and Cultural Power (Manchester University Press, 2001), pp. 216.

Critiques of Knowing: Situated Textualities in Science, Computing and the Arts (London: Routledge, 1999), pp. 238.

Outsider Notes: Feminist Approaches to Canadian Publishing, Writers and Readers, 1960-1990 (Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1996), pp. 312.
Nominated for Governor General’s Award; several reprints of chapters in books of criticism.

Modern Allegory and Fantasy (London: Macmillan, 1989), pp. 215.

Rhetorical Stance, Allegories of Love and Death (London: MacMillan, 1984), pp. 39.

George Orwell, The Search for a Voice. (Milton Keynes: Open University Press, 1984), pp. 242.

G. K. Chesterton, Explorations in Allegory (London: MacMillan, 1979), pp. 190.

Co-authored Books

Moving Like Water: Ancient Wisdom from Daoist Practice with Desmond Murray. International Daoist Society, 2019.

Creative Writing Strategies for English Studies (Leeds: University of Leeds, 1996), pp. 112. With Rebecca O’Rourke.

The Victorian Periodicals Hypertext (Oxford: CTI Centre for Texts, 1994), pp. 94. With Margaret Beetham et al.

The Bibliography of Nineteenth Century British Cookery Books and Related Domestic Manuals Published in Britain, 1800-1914,Vol. I (London: Prospect Books, 1987), pp. 438. With Dena Attar.

The Bibliography of Nineteenth Century Cookery Books and Related Domestic Manuals Published in Britain,1800-1914, Vol. II (London: Prospect Books, 1989), pp. 738. With Elizabeth Driver.

Edited Books and Journal Issues

(Re)Sounding Bodies eds Lynette Hunter, Gretchen Jude, special issue on Japanese performance traditions in the eastern Pacific. Performance Matters 10:1 (March, 2024).

Peter Lichtenfels on Actors, Directors, Directing eds Lynette Hunter, Maria Delgado, pp. 384 (Performance Research Books, 2023).

Co-Presence with the Camera eds Lynette Hunter, Alex Lichtenfels, Heather Nolan, John Zibell, special issue on Practice as Research in Filmmaking, with Performance Matters  6:1 (June 2020).

Affective Ecologies: Performativity and Sociosituated Embodiment/ Ecologías afectivas: Performatividad y Corporalizaciones sociosituadas, eds Alvaro Hernandez, Lynette Hunter, Juan Cajigas Rotundo. Full issue for Colombian journal Corpo-graphia Volume 6 (October 2018).

Sentient Performativities of Embodiment: Thinking Alongside the Human ed. Lynette Hunter, Elizabeth Krimmer, Peter Lichtenfels. (Lexington University Presses, 2016). pp. 342.

Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research: Scholarly Acts and Creative Cartographies, ed. L. Hunter with S. Riley. (New York: Palgrave, 2009).

Food and Community: Moving Wor(l)ds, ed. L. Hunter (Leeds: University of Leeds, 2006), pp. 204.

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Reading Shakespeare’s Dramatic Language, eds. L. Hunter with S. Adamson et al. (Thomson Educational, 2000), pp. 321. Reprinted 2003.

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Towards a Definition of Topos, ed. L. Hunter (London: MacMillan, 1979), pp. 231.

Digitised Publications

Lynette Hunter Performance 1995-2010 published at for McGill-Queen’s Press (2014)

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print publications by Dena Attar, Elizabeth Driver and Virginia MacLean.
– Republished as a wiki, and integrated into the Internet Archive:
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Database of Household Books published in Britain 1800-1914 (Famulus/Status) (1987)