Computing and the Humanities

Published Books (Monograph)

Literary Value and Cultural Power (Manchester University Press, 2001), pp. 216.

Critiques of Knowing: Situated Textualities in Science, Computing and the Arts (London: Routledge, 1999), pp. 238.


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1996: University of Nottingham (UK), Conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies (Literature).

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1997: Beilingries (Germany), Conference of the German Association for Canadian Studies.
2001: Warsaw University (Poland).

‘Bodies in Trouble’
1997: University of Leeds (UK), Conference Women and Texts/ Les Femmes et les Textes.

‘Face-Work: Coming to the End of the Line. A Study in the Poetry of Frank Davey.
1999: University of Leeds (UK), Revisions of Canadian Literature Conference.
2000: University of Leeds (UK), Theatre Workshop Graduate Studies.

‘The Face, the Mask and Classical Tragedy in the Household: The Rhetoric of Masking in Recent Work by Alice Munro.
2003: Université d’Orléans (France) Alice Munro: L’Écriture du Secret; University of Birmingham (UK) American and Canadian Studies special lecture.
2005: University of California Davis, Arts and Humanities faculty presentation.

‘Roget Falls in Love: How Analytical Thought Stops you Thinking (Crossing Margaret Atwood with bpNichol)’
2007: University of Birmingham (UK), Beyond the Book conference.


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Centre for Computers and Texts, University of Oxford, Information Technology Teaching Initiative, (1989-1994).

Victorian Periodicals Project, Manchester Metropolitan University, (1994-1996).

Tools for Listening to Text-in-Performance – DRIFT: Research Adviser. Co-directed by Marit MacArthur and Neil Verma. National Endowment for the Humanities, and SpokenWeb (SSHRC – directed by Jason Camlot (2018-2021).

Computer and Microfiche Products

Database of Household Books published in Britain 1800-1914 (Famulus/Status), (1987).

Nineteenth Century Books on the Household, edited by L. Hunter for The Nineteenth Century Project at the British Library, (1992).

Victorian Periodicals Hypertext, with M. Beetham, K. Atkinson, A. Cole, (1995).

Nineteenth Century Books on British Colonization, edited by L. Hunter for The Nineteenth Century Project at the British Library, (1997).

The Letters of Dorothy Moore 1640-1660: The Friendships, Marriage and Intellectual Life of a Seventeenth-Century Woman, Arts and Humanities Database Collection (UK).

Major Invitations: Externally Funded Keynotes and Plenaries

1990: ‘Rhetoric and Artificial Intelligence’, keynote to University of Durham, International public lecture series on Rhetoric.

2001: Invited as guest participant to the International Association of Philosophy and Technology Conference held at the University of Aberdeen, to speak on a panel dedicated to my Work on Computing, Science and Philosophy.

Papers Delivered at Conferences

1988: ‘Reflections on the use of Computers in the Teaching of English Studies’, to the Computing for the Arts and Humanities conference, University of Southampton.

1989: ‘Hypertext Systems’ both to a Seminar on Humanities Use of Computers Organised by Dr. Spaeth, University of Leeds; and to a Conference ‘Science Fiction 2000’ organised by Professor Shippey, University of Leeds.

1989: ‘Fact, Information, Data, Knowledge’ to the Conference ‘Computers in the Teaching of Language and Literature’ at Sheffield Polytechnic.

1990: ‘Teaching With Hypertext: Pedagogical Implications’ to a Conference on Humanities’ Computing at Manchester Polytechnic.

1992: ‘Hypermedia Narration: Providing Social Contexts for Methodology’, to the International Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing, Oxford University.

1992: ‘Hypermedia and Periodical Texts: Late Nineteenth Century Women’s Magazines’, with M. Beetham, to the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, Manchester Polytechnic.

1992: ‘Hypermedia Technology for Teaching in the Humanities’, with M. Beetham, to the Computing for Arts and the Humanities conference, Manchester Metropolitan University.

1994: ‘Humanities Computing or Computing of the Humanities’, conference on Humanities Computing, Exeter University.

1994: ‘Hypertext Methodology and Student Learning Experiences’, conference on Hypertexts for the Humanities, Manchester University.

1996: ‘Textual Ethics and the Computer’, HIDES, Southampton University.

1996: (University of Calgary Fellowship Lecture) ‘A Domestic Critique of Western Metaphysics’, Calgary University, Canada.

Related Experience

1986: On editorial board of Nineteenth Century Project, Chadwyck-Healey and the British Library.

1986: On editorial board of the McGill Allegory Project.

1989: Contributed a section on computers and book history to a display organised at the Royal Society ‘The British Library: a temple and a warehouse of knowledge’.