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‘Can a Man be a Woman? Robert Kroetsch’s The Puppeteer’
1994: Universite de Strasbourg (France), Conference in Honour of Robert Kroetsch.
1995: University of Calgary (Canada), Calgary University Art Gallery; University of Western Ontario, London (Canada), Graduate Studies; University of Leeds (UK), Faculty Research.
1996:University of Toronto (Canada), Faculty Research; University of Huddersfield (UK), Graduate Studies.
1997: University of Leeds (UK), Theatre Workshop Graduate Studies.
2001: Warsaw University (Poland).

‘Trying not to be a Tragic Subject: Work by First Nations Writer Lee Maracle’
1995: Universite de Rennes II (France), Conference Autobiographie/Autobiography
1996: University of Nottingham (UK), Conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies (Literature).

‘Cooking the Books: Reading Canadian Women’s Writing’
1996: Oviedo Universidad (Spain), Conference of the European Association for Commonwealth Studies; Calgary University (Canada), Visiting Professor; Trent University, Temagami (Canada), The Idea of North Conference; University of Leeds (UK). Theatre Worshop Graduate Studies.
1997: Beilingries (Germany), Conference of the German Association for Canadian Studies.
2001: Warsaw University (Poland).

‘Bodies in Trouble’
1997: University of Leeds (UK), Conference Women and Texts/ Les Femmes et les Textes.

‘Face-Work: Coming to the End of the Line. A Study in the Poetry of Frank Davey.
1999: University of Leeds (UK), Revisions of Canadian Literature Conference.
2000: University of Leeds (UK), Theatre Workshop Graduate Studies.

‘The Face, the Mask and Classical Tragedy in the Household: The Rhetoric of Masking in Recent Work by Alice Munro.
2003: Université d’Orléans (France) Alice Munro: L’Écriture du Secret; University of Birmingham (UK) American and Canadian Studies special lecture.
2005: University of California Davis, Arts and Humanities faculty presentation.

‘Roget Falls in Love: How Analytical Thought Stops you Thinking (Crossing Margaret Atwood with bpNichol)’
2007: University of Birmingham (UK), Beyond the Book conference.

‘Scoring Daoist Energy’, with musician Dylan Bolles
June 2010: The 6th International Conference on Daoist Studies, ‘Daoism Today: Science, Health, Ecology’, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
March 2011: Yugen Theatre, San Francisco, Artist in Residence series

‘Acting with Qi’, with Lishi Director Alexander Boyd, theatre director Peter Lichtenfels, four professional US actors from stage and film, and invited practitioners from the London theatre and film community
March 2014: Freie Universitat, Berlin
July 2014: London (UK)

‘Dance, Breath, Energy’, with Dr Alexander Boyd, Professor Peter Lichtenfels, workshops for University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Department of Theatre and Dance, and the Phoenix Dance Chamber, Honolulu Hawai’i


‘Woman’s Hour’, presentations, 1988 (Radio4).
presentations, 1998 (Radio4).
presentations, 1999 (Radio4).
presentations, 2000 (Radio4).

‘Science and Women in the Seventeenth’, half hour show, 1998, (Radio4).

‘Orwell’s Keep the Aspidistra Flying’, Nightwaves, half hour show, 2001, (Radio4).

‘Literary Value’, Nightwaves, half hour show, 2001, (Radio4).

‘Food Fit For Heroes’, The Army, half hour show, 2002, (Radio4).
The Navy, half hour show, 2002, (Radio4).
The Airforce, half hour show, 2002, (Radio4).

‘Wolsey Great Meal’, one hour show, 2002, (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

‘George Orwell’, one hour show, 2004, (Ideas, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Auralia Salon (as primary speaker): on Politics of Practice, 2020

Journal of Martial Arts (as primary speaker): ‘On using the word ‘martial’’, 2021